My interest in massage began in 1990 with a trip to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and then to Thailand where I had my first Thai Massage in Chiang Mai. After that experience I felt compelled to learn how to give what I had received, and took my first course in Thai Massage at RePlace Thai Massage School.

After returning to Edmonton, Alberta I took training in Therapeutic Massage and began working part time as a Massage Therapist and Thai Massage Practitioner while working in Marketing and Communications at the Citadel Theatre, Arden Theatre, and eventually at Edmonton’s concert hall, the Winspear Centre.

I studied meditation with Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society (GSL), journeyed back to India for 5 months on a Buddhist pilgrimage with my meditation teacher, Geshe Kaldan, and eventually became president of GSL.

In 2002 I began practicing massage full time at Edmonton’s first Pilates studio, Integration Pilates Studio. I also became a board member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) from 2006 – 2012, with two and a half years as President.

During this time I studied Iyengar Yoga, completed yoga teacher training in Edmonton, and travelled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family for one month.

I moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2006 and enjoy a thriving practice at Broadway Health Collective, a multi-disciplinary clinic on Broadway Ave.

Travelling to Chiang Mai in 2014 and 2016 I studied Dynamic and Osteothai with French Osteopath and Thai Practitioner David Lutt, and completed the Intensive I5 Thai Massage and Thai Government Certified Teacher Training Programs from the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC).

Feeding my sense of adventure, people I met invited me to practice Acro Yoga and Acrobatic Silks, which led me to gather a group of new friends to study circus skills over a weekend at the Pai Circus School. I was determined to walk the full length of the slack line (I loved being a Slacker) and was scared and thrilled by our night time fire spinning finale.  In 2018 I returned to Chiang Mai to study Osteothai Abdominal Massage and lead an NHPC Thai Massage Study Tour.

I regularly attend massage conferences, workshops, and courses to inspire me, build and nurture my professional relationships, connect me to the broader research and clinician community, and have an enormous amount of fun.