The Cutler Experience

While cycling around town I stumbled upon the perfect place to tame my increasingly wild hair. The Cutler Ensemble – A Vintage Barber for Men.

This is definitely the place for hipsters, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, professionals, gentleman, and men of style in Chiang Mai. I felt like I was transported to another dimension really. And yes, I am describing a barbershop.

I enjoyed a cut and straight razor shave and met an articulate, young, bearded Norwegian entrepreneur in for a haircut and beard trim in the seat next to me. It was a wonderful experience, with a precision cut that employed two electric clippers and four different scissors. During my shave I had a face, head, and shoulder massage with hot and cold towels and all manor of great smelling soap, oil and cream, applied to my face.

I am SO excited because my stay in Chiang Mai is long enough that I can have another cut before I set off for home. An appointment at The Cutler is now at the top of my list for things to do when in Chiang Mai.

The Cutler Barber

To punctuate this great experience I took the advice of the owner and had lunch at Cerebrum and Friends Cafe across the street from The Cutler. Friendly service with great coffee and fresh, elegant salads and sandwiches in a super funky atmosphere made my day.


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  1. Wow, that does sound like an extraordinary experience and you must have come out looking better than when you went in, if that is possible. Cafe sounds delicious too. Your trip is getting better and better.

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