Tiggers have springs in their tails…

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs. They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!

On Sunday my friend Peter from the UK (we met two years ago here and he is the reason I am studying Thai Massage with David Lutt) invited me to join him and a few others for a three and a half hour movement training class led by an American named Chance at Huai Kaeo Arboretuma, a park close to Chiang Mai University.

Chance led us through a full body warm up, specific exercises to challenge our ability to move in different directional planes (such as sideways, twisting, and diagonally), strength training using body weight, a focus on supportive breathing, and ways of movement that brought up fear – like jumping sideways, or head on, over concrete barriers. I am happy to report that no bodies were bloodied during the workout.

And yes, I paid for this.

After Chance had us explore the role of fear on our movement, and witnessing me spring over the concrete barrier, he exclaimed the words that I used as the title of this posting. There was much laughter and smiling through this workout!

Some aspects of the training were very similar to things I do at Freedom Functional Fitness http://www.freedom in Saskatoon. The idea is that if you can challenge your body and mind in a safe, supportive, and playful environment you increase your vitality while strengthening and preparing yourself to adapt and meet the challenges you will face in your life. Done in community it increases our feeling of connection with others, enhancing our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

I had the great pleasure to do partner work with a wonderful woman named Erica twice during our workout. Unfortunately, she strained her neck doing a very challenging core exercise, reminding me that it’s not always good to push too hard. However, Erica continued valiantly on and we had too much fun literally rolling over each other as a way to release tension held in our bodies and breath at the end of the workout.

After the workout the group shared great conversation over a wonderful brunch at “Rustic and Blue” where I also reserved my spot for a Farm Dinner on the banks of the Ping River with live music and a 5 course meal on February 6th. But more on that later.

All things on this adventure seem to feed into the theme, explored within David Lutt’s Dynamic and Osteothai workshops, of our capacity to move, play, and adapt as a determinant of our health.

So, move, play and be merry everyone. It appears to be good for you.



  1. Paul,
    Thanks so much for your fun, inspiring posting. So nice to hear all those wonderful things; & Tigger has always been my favorite out of that gang.
    Also let’s see if this comes through & Just thought I’d send you a photo from my cell phone and North of 33rd St. Train Bridge on the University side. It is +3; and took me almost 2 hr. for this gorgeous, + really icy/slippery/wet walk. Which I loved + often had to go slow. Lots of melting today. It really does feel like Spring is just around the corner on such a lovely blustery day as this.
    Continued all the best & Warmly,

    1. Hi Audre. I have always loved Tigger too. I had a good belly laugh when Chance said what he did. Great to hear you’re not letting icy conditions stop you from getting out there. The photo you sent by email is amazing.

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