Extracurricular Activities

So for the last week, what does a Massage Therapist learning great new techniques and approaches to treating clients do outside school hours, besides practice?

Well, here is a list: Cycling the streets of Chiang Mai admiring the graffiti art, a Movement Training Session at Huai Kaeo Arboretuma (a park close to Chiang Mai University), acroyoga and slack lining in the Old City Park, a hike in Ob Khan National Park, listening to live music at the North Gate Jazz Club, drinks with friends at Rise, and CNX – roof top bars, late-late night Khao Soi (yellow coconut curry soup with crispy noodles and chicken) on the street before bed, early morning yoga (not necessarily after a late night) with Kam Thye Chow (former owner of Lotus Palm Thai Massage School in Montreal and supreme good guy!), evening at Ole Gourmet Mexican with live music at the venue Thaphae East, riding a moped with David to Doi Sutep, the Bhubing Palace gardens and for a swim in Hang Dong Quarry, and more Muay Thai Training at the Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym.

And here are some pictures to prove it…


  1. Greetings from North America! It looks/sounds like you’re having a fabulous time! How wonderful!! However, I must say you don’t look completely comfortable in the boxing ring – or it that just me?😊 I love the Farrah Faucet hair though – very “chic”. Take care! Cecile

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    1. Lol. You picked up on the fact I am way more comfortable hugging than hitting. It helps that I am doing this for the killer workout rather than training to be a “killer” in the ring. All in good fun. Had fun sparring with a trainer yesterday but I spent equal time being thrown to the floor as I did throwing punches. 😆

  2. Thank you for the extracurricular activities report. As usual, you are not letting any grass grow under your feet. Also sounds like you are sleeping once in a while, which is important! Love, Mom

    1. Oh yes. Sleep is a good thing. The cold weather over the last few days has slowed me down. Speaking of down I have been wearing my down jacket to stay warm as the temperature went from 34 to 10, and no buildings are heated here.

      My blanket has been my friend.

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