The Dancing Web of Adaptation – are your Spidey senses tingling?

It is hard to believe that the second David Lutt course, Osteothai is over. While the Dynamic Thai workshop was full of new approaches and techniques to the practice of Thai Massage, Osteothai was as much a focus on a conceptual framework for living and working well.

Osteopathy is a western wholistic manual therapy approach to healing. Many of its’ techniques are subtle and deeply relaxing, providing a safe environment for change in the body. Its’ approaches are backed by increasing research on the influence of the body’s fascial system, its’ effect on our immune system, and on our ability to adapt to our ever changing environment. It melds wonderfully with the practice of Thai Massage.

As a Massage and Thai Practitioner, my work is to assist in strengthening the body’s ability to adapt. It is natural for a healthy body to be constantly adapting to its’ environment. It is through movement that our bones, blood, fascia, muscles, joints, and organs acquires and strengthens this adaptability. Reduce your movement, or capacity to move, and you reduce the adaptability of all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual being to maintain your health.

I now understand why David Lutt is in demand to teach his workshops all over the world (currently he teaches in France, Greece, Thailand, and Japan). David teaches not only about techniques, research, and knowledge, but about how the most important thing one can do to be a great practitioner is to work on oneself. In class we explored presence, attention, and intention within our work. We explored the role of our fascial web (thanks Spiderman!), and how embryology reveals the profound truth of how we are beings in motion constantly in relationship, consistently interdependent.

I was reminded of the power of Thai Massage’s compassionate, non-judgemental treatment approach. We work on people, not people’s conditions.

A restriction, or lack of mobility, is what stifles our body’s auto regulation, or our ability to adapt.  The greater our adaptability, the healthier we are. Life is movement.

So have fun out there and move about.

These two courses together are yet another springboard for an inspired practice I plan to return to Saskatoon with. I can’t wait to share it.




  1. Thank you, Paul, for once again letting us know what knowledge you are acquiring and how much you are enjoying learning along with the class. By the way, I believe the gentleman on the mat in one of your first pictures is beyond help 😉

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