Movement, Rhythm, and Joy!

Friday was the last day of my first Thai Massage Workshop with David Lutt of France. The workshop was beyond my expectations in all ways. David’s teaching is grounded in a compassionate, practical, playful, and spiritual approach to Thai Massage. It was clearly evident to me that he lives what he teaches. He is masterful and so very joyful. His teaching assistants (from the U.S., Japan and Germany) were a fitting complement, as they skillfully assisted all twenty four of us in learning and practicing the techniques and art of Dynamic Thai Massage.

Dynamic Thai Massage is an inspiration of Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith’s Traditional Thai Massage, and an incorporation of Osteopathic principles and techniques. It gives an opportunity for the practitioner to be more fluid and creative while connecting to the water element of the body. It has been described as Perpetual Movement Poetry.

The experience I had with the other students in this workshop has already brought a profound shift to my understanding and practice of Thai Massage. It has also filled me with a sense of awe about how easily and deeply we can compassionately connect with people around us to bring great meaning and joy to our lives. I didn’t think I could be any more excited about my life and the work I do in Thai Massage, but I was mistaken. I can’t wait to bring this new approach to my work with clients in Saskatoon.

It was fitting that to celebrate this wonderful workshop with my classmates, we began Friday evening with an incredibly inspiring event put on by Documentary Arts Asia (DAA’s). The DAA is a non-profit organization for advancing visual literacy and supporting documentary artists in Asia. The event happened in a green space occupied by Pun Pun Market and Restaurant, Two Revolutions Cycle Shop, and the DAA. The market is an organic food store and restaurant serving some of the finest and healthiest food in the city, with produce and organic meat supplied by Pun Pun Farm Two Revolutions Cycle is a community bike shop where you can go to repair your bike, get local cycling advice, and information on cycling events

This was the 4th anniversary celebration of the DAA which included an indoor and outdoor photo exhibit, as well as a screening of Chintan Ghoul’s joyful documentary film “Pun Pun Farm, and A Philosophy for Life” about the organic farm Pun Pun just outside Chiang Mai. You can watch the 19 minute documentary here:

Then it was off to Riverside Restaurant to meet up with Peter who I met here in Chiang Mai two years ago, and who was the one who introduced me to David Lutt’s work. From there it was off to The White Swan Burmese restaurant near Tha Phae Gate to meet up with more classmates, then to the Roots Rock Reggae Bar for a night of dancing. We had to put all that fluid movement poetry to work after a week of Dynamic Thai!


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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for posting another informative blog. As usual, it sounds like you are packing a lot of learning into a short space of time and thoroughly enjoying it. Keep the news coming. Mom

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