Thai Herbal Ball Therapy now available

When you log into the on line booking site at there is a new treatment option for you to choose, the Thai Herbal Ball Therapy.

This was on of the favourite techniques I learned in Thailand during my education retreat this spring. The combination of warmth, steam, massage, and the aroma of the herbs will be a great experience this fall and winter, as a way to warm up, detoxify, and relax.

I learned how to prepare the fresh herbs and tie the herbal ball and stem while at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. The Thai Herbal Ball I will be using for this treatment is prepared in Thailand and dried for shipping. I soak the herbal ball in water, steam it, and then apply it hot to the body. This treatment helps detoxify and relax the entire body.

The treatment includes the application of the Thai Herbal Ball Therapy and massage, and can be done fully clothed on the floor within a Thai Massage, or applied directly to the skin while receiving massage on the table.

The cost for an initial treatment includes the massage and Thai Herbal Ball. The herbal ball can be used up to three times. I provide a bag for you to take your Thai Herbal Ball home. You put them into the freezer to keep fresh and then bring them to your next two appointments where you pay for the cost of the massage only.

If you are interested in reading the initial story I wrote on my experience making and using the Thai Herbal Ball in Thailand here is the link to that blog:

If you are interested in receiving a Thai Herbal Ball Therapy Massage feel free to book on-line and choose either the one hour or one and a half hour option for Thai Herbal Ball Therapy.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend.