Final Day ~ Practical Exam and Graduation

Friday was my last day of school. That came up so quickly! Our class had our practical exam and then our graduation in the afternoon. The staff at TMC put together an amazing program. We had flowers, beverages (passionfruit juice – my favourite!), and an amazing spread of home-made food. Dessert included mulberry crumble and fresh coconut ice cream. This country really knows how to do food.

It was an emotional goodbye for many of us who are leaving now over the next few days. As well, a few of our classmates are continuing on with the 10 and even 20 week programs here at TMC. We have all become very close over the last five weeks and really enjoyed each other’s company. We had 16 people for a Ping River dinner cruise on the Riverside Restaurant boat. It was the perfect way to end our time together sharing stories and food, and romanced by the ambiance of the Ping River that runs through Chiang Mai.

Tomorrow I begin my long journey back home after attending my first Chiang Mai Football Club game at the 700 Year Stadium. A group of us are attending this soccer match, making the most of every moment of our time here. After the game, I fly from Chiang Mai to Seoul for a 13 hour layover, then to Vancouver for a 6 hour layover, and finally to Saskatoon. I am looking forward to getting back home and bringing all this inspiration to my practice. Oh, and for a bit of a rest!

Here is a selection of pictures from my last few days in Chiang Mai.


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