Week Three, Day Two of Thai Massage

Last Friday each of us gave another classmate a two hour full body massage using all the techniques we had learned to date. Our instructors (Khru in Thai) observed, evaluated, and gave us feedback on our stance, technique, ability to remember sequences, and flow. I felt great about how it all came together for me after the first two weeks and received some valuable feedback. Week two accomplished!

I have been so looking forward to week three as it’s focus is on therapeutic application of Thai Massage for conditions associated with the knee, ankle sprains and strains, shoulder issues, dizziness, fatigue, nervousness, neck stiffness, headache, menstrual cramps (the treatment for which has been a big favourite amongst us all – and really, there is no need to wait for menstrual cramps to do this series!), arm stiffness, numbness, or weakness, and indigestion. After only two days there is already so much I can see using with my clients back home. Over the next few days we will be focusing on treatment for constipation, leg pain, lower back and other back issues, and the making of and application of thai herbal ball therapy.

I am so excited about the herbal ball, that I am sure one posting will be on that entirely. I plan to add thai herbal ball treatment to my practice at home.

One of my favourite new abdominal treatments (both to give and receive) is the use of a tightly rolled up cloth applied to the belly and slowly unrolled as you press in and down with your forearm. The combination of the softness of the cloth and the strength of the broad pressure applied with the forearm, provides a unique, effective and oh so pleasurable sense of calm and relaxation. It is a great way to reduce tension and stress.

Tonight a group of us met at the Bird’s Nest Cafe, an organic restaurant next to my guest house. We had a great dinner and discussed plans for our dinner party at Ben’s Thursday night. Ben took possession of his apartment this weekend as he is staying in Chiang Mai until August. We are each bringing a dish, and considering all the countries we represent, this is promising to be a fabulous feast.

Really, isn’t life all about great company, food, and massage?!

Then, I cycled to the Night Bazaar and Ton Lamyai Flower Market. I wanted to check out what I should bring for Ben’s housewarming party on Thursday and thought it would also be nice to bring some flowers to school for my teachers. Not that I am sucking up or anything…

Here are some photos of the flowers. The orchids I bought for my room cost 30 baht or about $1.oo. So beautiful.


  1. I was not aware of all the conditions that can be treated with massage therapy. You are getting an excellent education in how you can employ different methods to treat your clients. (Your mother is going to benefit too.) The flowers are gorgeous. If I could buy orchids for $1.00, my house would be filled with them. Enjoy the Thursday get-together with your new-found friends.

  2. I think I may have to start commuting to Saskatoon for your new found massage techniques…
    Marc’s girlfriend lives there so maybe I will !:)
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.. this blog was a great idea..

  3. You know you are welcome any time!

    I had made a goal of writing one a week but so much has been happening I have exceeded that already. Glad you are enjoying the posts Cathy!

    1. Yes, it is quite the full on experience I must say. Part of it is the wonderfully adventurous people I have found myself surrounded by. Just wait till I write about the next few days of school and then… what we have planned for this weekend! I love you all too!

  4. I can feel your energy and delight all the way over here! It is infectious! Your blog and pictures are such a delight! Can hardly wait for you to practice on me!!!!! 🙂

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