A double flat…

This morning on my way to school I hit a grate in the road and ended up with two flat tires. Of course I had left for school a little later than usual and was already tight for time. I tightened the straps on my backpack, grabbed the centre post of my bike, and ran hard. I’ve never had so many Thai people smiling and laughing at me. In 30+ temperatures for 30 minutes I ran to get to school with two minutes to spare.

Every morning staff takes our temperature to ensure we are healthy. An abnormally high temperature gives you a day off. They don’t want us spreading anything around. I was a bit worried I would register high and miss a day of school, but thankfully it was only 2 degrees higher than usual. So, to class I went, although it took me over an hour to stop sweating, and I had to change my clothes twice. That made me a popular classmate for partner practice!

I bought three new tubes, changed my two flats, and put the extra in my pack. I figure chances are slim I’d get two flats at the same time again. Hopefully you won’t see another posting from me with the title “A Double, Double Flat!” Temperatures are forecast to get into the low 40s over the next week. I really don’t need another run in heat like that.

Here is a photo of the staff at TMC many of whom great us every morning.




  1. Good to hear that the double flat was your tires. If it had been your feet, you couldn’t have run. if it had been your mind, you wouldn’t have thought that you could actually RUN to school, carrying your BIKE no less! No wonder the Thai people were smiling!!!! 🙂 Do you have any idea how many people you brought fun into the lives of by doing that? I’ll bet there were many tongues wagging with delight that day, sharing the funny visual with friends and family. Spread the joy? You did it!!!!
    Obviously you are in great shape to accomplish that feat, and to make it in time with only a 2 degree temp rise is truly amazing, unless the school was only a block away…. :):):)
    Paul, so enjoying your adventures. Loving this blog!

    1. You are too funny Hazel! Luckily neither my feet, nor my head are flat. lol. I am definitely leaving early this morning for school just in case something happens to my repaired tires on the way. A leisurely walk to school would suit me better today. I am having a hoot writing these posts.

  2. Well this was sure one way to put it to the test! Despite the heat yesterday my appetite went through the roof. I am chalking it up to the run. I needed to refuel after that crazy run.

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