A Day at Huai Tung Thao Reservoir and Thai Massage in Public Spaces

It has been hot, hot, hot since I arrived in Chiang Mai. Although, unlike the prairies where in the winter the wind chill plunges cold temperatures even lower making a mere -30 degrees feel like -45 degrees, it is dry here in Chiang Mai making 39 degrees feel like 34 degrees. Either way, it is hot.

Peter, an Acupuncturist, Tui Na, and Thai Massage Practitioner from England I met at Acroyoga, invited me for a trip to Huai Tung Thao Reservoir just outside Chiang Mai last weekend. Ben, Daisy (fellow classmates) and I rented motorcycles for the day and had a blast cruising through the city and out into the country. The reservoir is a lake surrounded by beaches and bamboo huts built around, and on, the water. Close to our rented hut, a restaurant served fantastic Thai food. Peter’s friend Nid, a wonderful Thai woman, ordered for us giving us more unique Thai food experiences such as dancing prawns, fried crickets, and crispy frog with garlic.

The water was refreshing although those fish used in Thai foot spas to eat the dead skin off your feet live in the lake. It made for an interesting experience feeling a few nibbles and even a couple of sting-like sensations when we stayed too still in the water. Ben, Daisy, and Peter are all water babies like I am, so we had a great time in the water splashing about.

After we ate, we exchanged a bit of Thai Massage in our hut before heading back to the city in time for the Sunday Walking Night Market.

One of the wonderful things about Thai Massage in Thailand is how prolific it is in public spaces. Many streets have Thai Massage businesses, so you are never far away from a good massage. Massage shops usually have people in the front window sitting in chairs having their Thai foot massage – great advertisements and enticements for those of us walking by with aching feet. Street massage set ups can be seen all over the city where you can rest your tired body by simply laying on a mat on the sidewalk or sitting in a chair for a foot massage. The Old City Park has an area under a shaded hut that is always busy. One of the most prolific Thai Massage sidewalk areas is at the busy Sunday Walking Night Market. I had a great 2 hour thai massage at “Silver Hands Massage” in Kad Suan Kaew, a mall close to the Old City, just off the mall’s food court. Diners in the food court (which serves good thai food) were being serenaded by a Thai Elvis impersonator. It made for interesting background music during my massage.

Thai Massage and Elvis, they are everywhere…



  1. Thank you for sharing all this info. What a fantastic experience you are having and making wonderful friendships as well. The only thing I don’t envy is the temperature!

  2. Hi Paul, I am so impressed with all your Thai posts, they are informative and fun. How nice of you to take the time to keep in touch, since you are so busy. The photos are great.

    Please send some heat to wintery Saskatoon, Ursula

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Ursula, It has been a lot of fun writing the posts. I gave myself a goal of one post a week and so far I have exceeded that. So much to share! The learning and the friendships developing during this trip make for an endless source of excitement. I will gladly direct some of this heat your way. Expect a warming trend in Saskatoon shortly 🙂

  3. Yes, the temperature takes a bit of getting used to. Good thing I love the heat. Still haven’t been using my air conditioner. Open windows and a fan are my best friends…

  4. Hello Paul. So nice to see the summer weather in your pictures. It gives us hope!! Lovely to enjoy your holiday through you. Thanks so much. – Jacqueline Kurmey

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