Thai Massage at TMC – Awarded the Highest Achievement Certification Given by the Thai Ministry of Education

For those of you out there wondering if I am really here to learn Thai Massage techniques, deepen my understanding, and inspire my practice, rather than just having the time of my life (which I am by the way). This post is for you.

My experience into week two of my training at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC) has been exceptional. The staff and teachers are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in their field. Our first class at school consisted of going over the course outline of what we were expected to learn in week one, as well as an overview of the entire 5 week program. Videos, and presentations from the administration and teachers made it clear what we would be learning, what was expected of us, and that in the Thai way, we were to learn well, and have fun doing it. So far, so good.

Our text book “Ancient Thai Massage, Healing with Life Force” by the school owners Jan Chiathavuthi and Kanchanoo Muangsiri is exceptional in content, clarity, and design. Each week we receive a new text book to read and facilitate our learning. Our classes so far consist of demonstrations and practice with most of our time hands on. It is a perfect learning environment for those of us in touch professions. Teachers are constantly watching us, correcting us, and often laughing with us.

We go to school from 9 am to 4 pm five days a week. Our evenings are a combination of social and eating time (really, life is all about food isn’t it?) as well as reading, studying, or practicing. My guest house has a gazebo where a group of us met tonight to practice we have learned over the last several days. Then we went out for dinner at the Bird’s Nest Cafe, a local organic restaurant  Did I say I was loving the Thai food here?

Needless to say the time here so far has been intense with learning, practicing, and taking in all Chiang Mai has to offer. It’s a pace that couldn’t be sustained, but I think I can keep up for five weeks.

I have connected deeply with my classmates, the owners, administrators, and teachers of the school, as well as with the philosophy the school aspires to.

The School’s Philosophy:

Knowledge is sacred-the seeker is a noble one.

Thus, the giver must be totally sincere and honest.

We strive to give the highest quality education.

Royal Award:

And it appears that their commitment to quality education is being recognized not only by the Thai government with their Highest Achievement Certification (which Kanchoo is accepting this week in Bangkok) but by Massage Associations around the world that recognize TMC training for continued education credits.

For those die-hards out there that would like to read more details about the school and its’ teachers here is a link for you:

The venerated monk of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage, and advisor to TMC, Phrakru Uppakarn Phatanakit, is the abbot of Wat Nong Yanang in Uthaitani province. University Professors in Orthopedics, Anatomy, and Physical Therapy are also advisors to the school which was founded by CEO Jan Chaithavuthi (RN,B.S., MPA in nursing and a master’s degree in Health Management from Golden Gate University, USA). Jan worked as a nurse specialist in the USA for twenty years and has a strong interest in promoting safe, effective and pure Thai Massage for the wellness of individuals and the community. School Director Kanchanoo Muangsiri (B.A., LMT in Mass Communication) has vast experience in teaching and training within the Thai community and to refugees.

Here is an outline of each of the standards which the school had to meet to be awarded the Achievement Award by the Thai Ministry of Education.


The highest Achievement Certification Given by the Ministry of Education

Standard 1
Philosophy and objectives of the school is appropriate and applicable to school’s vision and implementation.

Standard 2
Course syllabus is based on the need of learners, community and society.

Standard 3
Teaching and learning is efficiently carried out according to course objective.

Standard 4
Examination and evaluation system is applicable to real situation.

Standard 5
Teachers are knowledgeable of the subject matters and their performances are professional.

Standard 6
Students’ accomplishments are highly achieved.

Standard 7
Students have ideal attitude toward learning.

Standard 8
Management team is professional.

Standard 9
School management system is effective.

Standard 10
School facilities and atmosphere are appropriate to course objective and sufficient for use.

Standard 11
Other supporting service including security system enhances teaching and learning.

Standard 12
The school has good relation and has community based education development.

Now, I hope those of you reading this that are clients of mine are getting even more excited about those appointments you have booked once I have arrived back home. I think we are all in for a great experience.



  1. Hey Paul,

    I am loving reading your posts and seeing your pictures – journeying vicariously.  So great you are taking the time to do this.  Sounds enriching.  And selfishly, I look forward to the benefits of your training!  Keep up the fun!


    1. Hi Connie, So glad you are enjoying the posts. I am really enjoying putting this together and sharing what I am doing with my clients and others who are interested. This trip has been good for my soul and is going to inspire my practice in ways yet to be revealed I am sure. The connections I am making here with other Practitioners will continue to effect my practice outside of the professional training as well. I’ll keep up having fun if you do the same. Enjoy your day as I end mine here. Good night!

  2. Dear Paul. love your blog! It is inspiring and exciting to learn about what you are doing and fun to see you having such a fabulous time there. What a treasure this experience is for you! Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Hi Paul,
    Oh good you clarified you are there to learn more and deepen your knowledge for all of us to benefit, thought this was just a ploy to get away from our hot weather back home!

    Just kidding, you were awesome before so I am excited for my next session with you.

    Thanks for sharing Paul, very inspiring and I know you are in a place that is feeding your soul.

    Stay safe and breathe,,,,,,,,,
    Rosemarie Berry

    1. Well sounds like getting away from the weather would be a good a reason as any. I hear winter returned with another dump of snow. The winter that never ends. So happy to share all that is happening here. Can’t wait to return and bring it all into my practice. Well, maybe I can wait another 3 1/2 weeks 😉

      Take care Rosemarie,


  4. Hi Paul, I am so happy for you that you enjoy your schooling, the food and the people around you so much. please keeps posted. i enjoy your blog very much.
    wishing you a wonderful rewarding time for the rest of your stay there.


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