Learn and play…

I love how travel and learning opens up time and space to explore things I don’t usually do. In four days in Chiang Mai I have learned new techniques and approaches in Thai Massage I can’t wait to bring back into my practice with clients at home, learned to base and fly in an acroyoga/thai massage “jam session” at a local yoga studio, and performed circus acrobatics led by Boris of Chile in a park in Old City Chiang Mai.

The TMC school experience has been amazing. Thai culture has a profound observance of respect and we experience that throughout our school experience. We are greeted every morning at the school entrance by staff of the school, have our practice clothes set out for us in baskets to change into, and pray, stretch and meditate each morning before we begin classes.

The group that I am learning with are incredibly open, friendly, compassionate, adventure loving people. I couldn’t have asked for a better collection of people to share this experience with. I am so very grateful to be in their company.

Not only am I getting the formal learning at TMC, but I am now a part of a growing group of people that meet to practice and play with all we are learning. Some of us are in classes together, but others are  taking Thai Massage from other schools, or simply here on vacation such as a women with her two children from New York (one who just happens to have been taking ribbon acrobatic classes at home).

A few days ago our group began practicing our silk ribbon acrobatics in the park in the early evening after class. Others continued to show up throughout the evening and those waiting for their time on the ribbon began doing acroyoga and baton twirling. Then a Norwegian couple set up a slack line between two palm trees and we all took turns trying to balance, walk, turn and kneel. By the end of the night we laughed at the site of this area of the park transformed into a circus arena.

All around us Thai’s were playing badminton, doing aerobics, playing basketball, receiving Thai Massage, and simply lounging in the evening heat.

Oh and I bought a bicycle from a fellow traveller who is leaving Thailand and I am now cycling to school. Pollution can be an issue and since I am breathing deep during my trip to school, I wear my face mask. Just call me Darth Buffel. The traffic is wild and the cycling is fun and exhilarating.

Here are a selection of photos from my last couple of days…


IMG_3091 TMC IMG_3129  IMG_3178 IMG_3273 IMG_3385 IMG_3128IMG_3297IMG_3214IMG_3290



  1. Yeah! I must have done something right because I received your blog today! It sounds like you’re having such a unique, fun & joyful experience!! How wonderful!! How does it get any better than that?? 🙂 Namaste, Cecile

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  2. Hi Paul! Sounds like “school” is 99%recess and 10% warm fuzzies! It doesn’t get better than that! Interesting bike, and cool mask, Darth Buffel! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I have yet to put up a lot about school but that is yet to come. I must say the out of school activities have been a blast. When in Thailand… Stay tuned. Let the force be with you.

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