I never thought I would be blogging. Really. But I am about to embark on an adventure I think is worth sharing. As a Massage Therapist and Thai Massage Practitioner, I am always exploring new (for me) techniques, modalities, and approaches to work with my clients. In relationship we become increasingly aware of our physical, mental and spiritual selves, our connection to our environment, and to our communities, helping us live healthy, meaningful lives.

Philosopher Martin Buber wrote, “the narrow ridge is the meeting place of the we.” So here we are, at The Narrow Ridge.

I leave Friday, March 14th to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a five week Thai Massage course. I am excited about the content of this course that I will share along the way.

I hope you find this fun, informative, and playful.

Enjoy what follows…

“all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware” – Martin Buber


    1. Thank you for setting up this blog, Paul. I will be waiting with bated breath to find out what you are doing.

  1. Sigh…you are bringing back wonderful memories of my time in Chiang Mai…I LOVED and miss the Sunday Market…and the FOOD!!!! I also enjoyed doing excursions on motorbikes- some of those mouton roads and inclines were insane and SO FUN!!! I know you are having the best time Paul! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

    1. It is an amazing place isn’t it Ohyn?! A group of is are off to the elephant nature park tomorrow – woman who runs it won the Nobel peace prize for her work with rescued elephants. Then motorbikinf through the national park on Sunday. You know how much fun this all is.

      Take care.

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